I gave your company three of our worst rooms…one really wreaked of smoke. I have spent a lot of money on air fresheners, odor neutralizers, ozone machines, carpet cleaners, and paint, when all I needed was to have this done. The rooms smelled fresh, and the ceilings and walls were clean. I could have easily changed them to “non-smoking” status.
-Super 8 Hotel

After several years, the ceilings were beginning to look bad. We had solicited bids to replace the tiles and paint the grid, and we were surprised at the cost of the response from the contractors. Initially, we contacted you to have the grid cleaned so that the paint would adhere. After meeting with your company, we realized that we might not need to replace the tiles at all. Now that the work is complete, I am pleased to announce that it looks as good as a new ceiling and we did not have to close for several days as we would otherwise have had to do.
-Vice President…Fantastic Sam’s


Total satisfaction with the performance of the work done…they restored the appearance of our ceiling tiles…they look like new, with substantial savings.