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The power of the CCS Commercial Ceiling and Wall Cleaning System exists in the tremendous cost savings we deliver to our commercial clientele. In most cases, we can save our customer 80% the cost of replacement, and 75% the cost of painting. Our services are performed after hours…which means we don’t interrupt daily revenue and business operations.


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​​Please consider the following important features and capabilities…

• Ceilings and walls are cleaned and restored using the exclusive CCS non-toxic, non-flammable,    odorless solution that is applied in a very fine mist.

• The CCS system is designed to clean as much as 3,000 square feet per hour, per machine and can    reach 21 feet from the floor.

• The CCS system can restore the entire ceiling and wall area without dismantling.

• The CCS system can clean a variety of ceilings and walls including ceramic, vinyl and wallpaper,  brick, stone, aluminum, and both flat and gloss paint.

• We can clean all types of surfaces including, grids, vents, and light fixtures. 

• The CCS cleaning process does not change or alter fire ratings.

• The CCS system removes odors and does not contain chlorine, bleach, ammonia, or solvents.

• The CCS system sanitizes as it cleans and eradicates bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungi.

• The CCS solution is EPA, OSHA and USDA approved and compliant.

Ceiling & Wall Cleaning


The CCS solution attacks dirt, mold, mildew, stains, dust, nicotine, grease, water stains, and a host of other pollutants causing it to chemically change its properties, allowing it to breakup into microscopic particles and then dissipate into the atmosphere.

The CCS cleaning solutions are mixed together based on the type of dirt and surface we are cleaning. Our solutions are safe, easy to use, and are environmentally friendly.

The solution is then “misted” onto the ceiling or wall in an even pattern. This procedure is done from the floor, and can reach heights up to 21 feet using a specially designed wand and attachments, specifically designed for this purpose.

 A second extension device is used to wipe down all “non-porous” surfaces, including the T-bars and air diffusers. The ceilings and walls are cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized…without removing any fixtures, tiles, or grids.

Ceilings and walls are constantly being bombarded by a combination of micro-dust particles and organic contaminants. The CCS cleaning process makes all of these problems disappear.

As a company, our goal is to provide the finest service for you and your business…anywhere…at any price.