Ceiling & Wall Cleaning

The power of the CCS Commercial Ceiling and Wall Cleaning System exists in the tremendous cost savings we deliver to our commercial clientele. In most cases, we can save our customer 80% the cost of replacement, and 75% the cost of painting. 

From the Front Porch...


For over 15 years, CCS St. Louis has served the business communities of Missouri & Illinois in the application of ceiling and wall cleaning, non-skid floor safety systems, and aggressive, long-term, microbial cleaning. In many cases, we can clean your business ceilings and walls to a “like new” condition in just a few, short hours, with a saving of up to 90% the cost of replacement. Our Floor Safety system virtually guarantees that your floors are safe, impossible to slip on, and completely conforming to OSHA standards. And finally, our Anti-Microbial Cleaning System eliminates molds, mildews, and pollutants…and continues to assure perfect sanitary conditions long after the cleaning process has ended.

 We are very proud of the services we offer, the company we represent, and the customers that we serve. Our family has lived and owned businesses here in Missouri for over 100 years…we are part of the land and the people. We are local, aggressive, and stand ready to completely meet the needs of your business. Well over 84% of our customer base repeats the application of our services several times each year…and we believe that this speaks to our professionalism, care, and integrity.

I look forward to hearing from you, providing you with references, estimates, and solutions. My Grandfather told me to do business with honor, or not to do business at all. I know you will appreciate a company that still believes that a man’s word should mean something.


Floor Safety

​Virtually every business or industry needs the CCS Non-Skid Floor Safety Application, and with recent Federal mandates relating to “Drag Co-Efficiency” standards now required for virtually every business,  the CCS process is needed now more than ever.


The CCS Anti-Microbial Cleaning System represents that absolute cutting edge of modern Nano Technologies, and represents the fastest growing division of the CCS services. Companies all over Missouri and Illinois are using this exclusive, patented system in lieu of traditional cleaning techniques.


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Do business with honor...or don't do business at all...